Lea is an illustrator based in the Netherlands. She believes that the world is even more beautiful, crazy, fun and mysterious than we already think. With her young -and slightly naive- view of the world Lea delivers illustrations that stand out. Her illustrations are surprising and beautiful with lots of (crazy) little details that'll attract your attention right away. With her imagination she makes the world shine and washes away life's everyday troubles. This way, her message will always reach the reader.


Lea graduated from the Art Academy St. Joost Breda (NL) as an illustrator, in 2012. Meanwhile she has already won several awards.


- BoekieBoekie Start Award 2013

- Double winner of HiiBrand Merit Award 2012

- Breda Art Award 2012 graduation rate

- Double winner of Nijgh and Ditmar 175 years book cover contest 2011


Lea was directly affected by the moving story.  Mouse and Elephant stole her heart and very quickly she had the characters designed and developed into a series of attractive illustrations.

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